Advertising Campaigns

Increase qualified traffic
with pay per click campaigns

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tripadvisor Ads

Developing a good website is not enough to get bookings. In fact, if the hotel website does not receive traffic, all the optimization work would be of little use. So, you need to let people know about your accommodation.

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are interesting "free" platforms for bringing qualified traffic to your website. However, there is no shortage of "paid" options offered by these platforms. Thanks to them you can get in touch with new potential guests, interact again with those who already know the structure and who have already stayed there.

However, a large chunk of traffic generally comes from search engines, specifically keyword search results. By activating pay per click campaigns on Google Ads it is possible to appear in the first results of the search pages for the chosen keywords (which can be those specific to the brand, but also more generic), so as to obtain visibility for users who are certainly interested in booking stay. Or, other types of campaigns can be activated, aimed at intercepting potential guests based on their interests or previous interactions with your properties.

Facebook Ads, TripAdvisor Ads and Google Ads are undoubtedly the main channels for bringing quality traffic to the website and consequently obtaining direct bookings.

Sell ​​directly on the most popular advertising channels

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most effective tools of a web marketing strategy that aims to promote an accommodation facility and increase qualified traffic to the website.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offers the possibility to reach people who have expressed their intention to travel, but have not yet booked. Offers can be shown to potential customers who are already interested.

Tripadvisor Ads

With Sponsored Placements, you can give your property visibility to potential guests looking for accommodations in your area. These targeted listings attract highly qualified traffic and increase direct bookings.

I acquire traffic and
I defend myself from OTAs

With targeted PPC campaigns

Brand Protection

Ads on the Google Search Network useful for defending the brand from the presence of paid OTA ads (Brandjacking).

Research Network

Ads on the Google Search Network visible for specific searches made by the user.

Display Network

Advertising banners on the Google Display Network for specific services (related to organized activities) within dedicated sites/portals.


Visual and textual ads useful to bring back the user who has already visited the site of the structure but has not carried out any relevant action.

Sponsored Listings

Advertisements on the Facebook platform with the aim of acquiring contacts interested in the products and services offered.

WhatsApp Ads

Advertisements aimed at requesting quotes directly on WhatsApp.

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